Friday, April 3, 2009

McDonald's story and Climate change study

1. The story of how Mcdonald's started sourcing potato locally. Until August 2007, all MacFries were imported. The problem was that a specific type of potato, called Shepody Potato, which is used to make MacFries is difficult to be grown the climatic conditions prevailing in India. McCain Foods, McD's Largest supplier of fries, came up with a solution.

The master crop of potatoes is grown in the Himalayas, where the weather is conducive, but these don't make it onto the plate.

Instead, they're harvested in September and rushed, before the Rohtang Pass shuts for the winter, 1,000 kilometres to farmers in Kheda district west of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, where the tubers are replanted. Come March, the now massive Shepody potatoes are harvested and sent to the McCain factory in Mehsana to become MacFries.

2. While the rise in temperature has affected mango flowering this season, Navsari Agriculture University (NAU) has embarked on a project where it will be studying the effects of climate change and pollutants on crops in the most polluted areas.